February 01 2012
In Feb 2012 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 “Stomach Cancer” so in her honor I added the K to 500. Her name is Wanda K. Warren hence 500K or 504k or 500 for K.
August 01 2011
Damion Bolton determines that the best way to carry forward any concept isto educate the next generation and teach them the same concept in order to perpetuate the “Think Big” mentality.
September 01 2009
While living in Honduras, the number one country in Central America affected by HIV, Damion Bolton studies how the Aids epidemic not only around the world but right here in the U.S.
June 01 2008
Founder Damion Bolton conceives of the idea that he calls “Think Big” As a young kid and well into his ‘20s Bolton suffered from chronic depression. That taught him how to think.