Why Think Big?

The first wail of a new born has never been known to cause parents to wish out loud that their infant grows up to occupy the center cubicle in a nowhere job without benefits. Or worse that their kid never graduates from high school, that they live out their life in a cell, or it is cut short by HIV. No. The arrival of a new life is celebrated. Parents pray that baby boy or baby girl will conquer the world, leave a mark, be recognized and honored by living up to their full potential. Think Big Foundation supports that dream.

The Think Big foundation is organized to guide young people in our community—kids at their most influential years 12-15—to recognize and act on the greatness they hold within. We arm young people with the knowledge of how to achieve success by becoming a product of their decisions, not their circumstances. We promote education, hard work and a positive attitude as tools that are essential to separate those who are successful and those that are not. We believe that having a healthy mindset is the main ingredient in a recipe for achieving success. As a community, we must have frank and honest conversations about drugs child obesity, depression, teen pregnancy, HIV, poverty and high school dropout rates. These are issues that plague our community. At Think Big, we focus on personal development and a healthy mindset that can disarm these issues. These principles can be used as a guide to help our young citizens perform in the classroom as well as in the board room in the future.