Our reach

Think Big Foundation got its start in Lucedale, Mississippi, the birthplace of founder Damion Bolton. Bolton left Lucedale to enlist in the military and simultaneously earned his undergrad and graduate degrees. From a distance of thousands of miles, Bolton’s saw his hometown in a clearer light. Statistics showed that a predominance of local teens would drop out of school, be sucked into a life of crime, get pregnant, or become infected with HIV.

Bolton recognized that a mentor could make a difference.

He developed the Think Big model of mentorship and introduced The Foundation to Lucedale citizens in 2012. The response was all positive. Respect for Bolton’s accomplishments rep grew the grassroots organization over the next two years. Parents called every day to find out how they could enroll their child in Think Big. Teens reached out too, contacting Think Big to find out to join.

Today, Think Big’s impact has grown beyond the State of Mississippi. Teachers, parents and agency directors seek out Bolton to propose an alignment of efforts. Politicians want to recruit Bolton to expand Think Big to take on more teens, thus turning around more lives.

Think Big Foundation survives by your donations. If you are moved to donate to Think Big Foundation, please contact us.